Cappadocia is a unique place where nature and history integrates in landlocked Central Anatolia. It is most distinguished for the extraordinary spectacular rock formations and eroded volcanic rock tuff landscape that was formed millions of years ago, the collective work of lava spluttering volcanoes eroded over time by wind and water. They are called by the locals “Fairy Chimneys”, “Peribacalari” in Turkish and once you arrive in Cappadocia you can spot them almost everywhere and it is like living in a fairytale. Using the advantage of this structure of the region, many rock-cut settlements, houses, monasteries, churches, chapels and underground cities were built.

This region is the place where nature and history come together. You can visit here Üçhisar Castle where are numerous of rooms, tunnels and galleries which are connected to each other. One of the most interesting place of Cappadocia is Kaymaklı Underground City. Also The Göreme Open-Air Museum which has a Christians church decorated with unique frescoes is beautiful place to visit a World Heritage Site. 

If you want to enjoy the view of Cappadocia, you can get the hot air baloon and got around above the fairy chimneys.

Famous Local Sites: Goreme Open Air Museum, Hot Air Balloon Rides, Underground City of Derinkuyu, Underground City of Kaymakli, Castle of Uchisar

Must Try Local Eats: Manti (Turkish Ravioli), Pottery Kebab, Local Wine