Turkiye is especially known for its beautiful beaches, mind-blowing history, stunning architecture (Greco-Roman and Ottoman), incredible landscapes, pretty towns, and hospitable people. 

First Things First: Check if you need a visa for Türkiye

Check Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs page to see what your country’s particular requirements are for entering Türkiye. You can click HERE to apply for your tourist visa.

The multi-entry visa lasts for up to 90 days. 

Know the country

OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Türkiye
CAPITAL: Ankara (no, it is not Istanbul)
LOCATION: It is a transcontinental country located mainly in Asia and partly in Europe
OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: Turkish – script is in the Latin alphabet like English.

Weather in Türkiye

Of course, the weather depends on what part of Türkiye you will be visiting. It’s a huge country spanning across two continents with diverse topography. You can check the weather from here

Türkiye has a diversified climate, its regions contrast from each other due the diverse nature of the landscape, and particularly for the existence of mountains running parallel to the coasts. While coastal regions have milder climates, the inland Anatolia plateau has hot summers and cold winters with limited rainfall.

In the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts the climate is cool with rainy winters, and hot, moderately dry summers in contrast to the Black Sea coast that receives the greatest amount of rainfall.

The Anatolian Plateau is much more subject to extremes than the coastal areas, where winters are especially severe and the temperatures could down from -30°C to -40°C in the mountainous areas in the east. However in the west, winter temperatures average are below 1°C. Summers are hot and dry with temperatures above 30°C.

The climate in the Black Sea area is wet and warm on summer the average is 23°C and on winter 7°C.

In Eastern Anatolia and South- Eastern Anatolia there is a long hard winter; days and nights are cold with the snow lying on the ground from November until the end of April with an average temperature of 13°C. During thesummer the average is 17°C. Western Anatolia as well as the southern coast of Anatolia has a mild Mediterranean climate with average temperatures of 9°C in winter and 29°C in summer. Mountains close to the coast prevent Mediterranean influences from extending inland, giving the interior of Turkey a continental climate with distinct seasons. In Istanbul and around the sea of Marmara, the climate is moderate in winter the temperature can drop below zero.

Learn A Few Words 

To help you out with the basics:
Hello – Merhaba
Goodbye – Güle güle
Please – Lütfen
Thanks – Teşekkürler
Good night – Iyi geceler
Good morning – Günaydın
Good evening – Iyi akşamlar
How are you? – nasılsın?

Food to Try in Türkiye

Turkish food has evolved over the centuries but is yet largely influenced by Ottoman cuisine (Eastern European, Central Asian, Middle Eastern)

  • Turkish Breakfast: These consist of several small dishes including olives, different types of cheese, fresh bread, butter, jams and spreads, and black tea. You will be so full!
  • Toast with White Cheese: A simple yet delicious toast with thick white cheese! Must-have.
  • Menemen: Turkish version of scrambled eggs with tomato and peppers.
  • Turkish Coffee: If you like strong coffee, you’ll love Turkish Coffee.
  • Fresh Orange Juice and Lemonade
  • Cay: Turkish black tea. This is had not only for breakfast but also after every meal and in between meals. It is truly the national drink of Türkiye.
Lunch and Dinner
  • Lentil Soup: A hearty thick soup made with red or orange lentils and spices.
  • Pide: Pide is a boat-shaped Turkish Pizza made with a slightly thick dough and a wide range of fillings like meats, fresh vegetables, etc. 
  • Meze: The variety you get is insane and so delicious. Definitely try this in coastal areas.
  • Gözleme: A Turkish paratha
  • Mantı: Turkish ravioli filled with ground meat or vegetables usually served with garlic yoghurt, spicy butter, and spicy tomato sauce.
  • Börek: Börek is a flaky savoury pastry filled with things like potato, spinach, cheese, minced meat etc. 
  • Testi Kebabı / Pottery Kebab: Meat or vegetables cooked for hours in an earthen pot. 
  • Lahmacun:  Crispy flatbread spread with seasoned minced meat. 
  • Döner:  Pita bread spread with shaved meat cooked on a rotating spit, vegetables, and spices, folded like a sandwich.
  • Şiş Kebap: Skewered pieces of meat cooked on hot charcoal. 


  • Helva: Turkish Halwa.
  • Baklava: A rich syrupy pastry dessert traditionally filled with chopped nuts. 
  • Künefe: Shredded pastry soaked in traditional syrup and layered with special cheese, nuts, or clotted cream.